Rocky, the Handsome Gelding

Photos of our newest addition, Rocky. (And a bonus photo with Addie as a bit of a size comparison. Addie will be three in June!)

Currently Rocky seems to enjoy nothing more than rolling in the dirt/leaves :)

He also is a big fan of being led around by his lead, but not a fan of getting his halter on without a little food reward for his efforts.

Isn't he handsome? It's hard to see his colors but he is more red than brown in the sun, and more brown than red when he stands in the rain (He doesn't mind it).

His previous owner has let her older kiddos ride him, but I don't think he's anywhere near ready to be ridden until he can conquer some of his basic fears.

Fears include:

-Anything or anyone taller than he.
-Being touched anywhere other than his face, and not even a fan of that if he hasn't warmed up to you.
-Anything running up to him
-Not being rewarded for excellent behavior with a treat
-Having his feet trimmed (But we managed to bribe him with treats to get him through his farrier visit and trim.

Not afraid of:

-Treats of all kinds
-Getting dirty
-Being alone

So now we will begin the work to try to get him to the point where he is no longer afraid of humans, be them tall or small, or being touched or approached with any pace above a snail.

I am so in love!!!

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