Five Years! How love has changed.

We were so stupid.
Oh not our choice to get married.
But we obviously didn't know much at that time.
Somehow, I knew Nick was the man for me.
I mean easily he could have secretly been evil and tricked me, because I was looking for love... But he wasn't (thank God).
He really was a prince charming.
He is still.
But of course it's different.
How is it different?


Back then we didn't know the worst parts of each other. I hope somewhat we still don't (that illusion helps sometimes). We didn't know how we sounded when we were safely angry with one another.
We didn't yell. We hadn't experienced death together. We hadn't held our son together as his breaths ceased. Nick still had his Mother.

We didn't have to think about two little people before ourselves. There was so much we didn't have to worry about. Our faith was not tested. Things were really not that difficult. Our biggest problems were of our own making. (Aren't they always).

We've seen the ugly in each other. We've seen each other under some pretty terrible circumstances.

But we've seen the beauty in one another as well. We've seen the love, the hope, the forgiveness, the aftermath of love, sacrificing ourselves for the betterment of each other and our family.

I've found I married the perfect man for me. I want to grow old with this man. I want to put up with his bad days and I want to fight with him for the rest of my life over things that are so small. I want to laugh with him every day and try to figure out how to be better parents with him.

I want to dream with him and go grocery shopping with him. There is only him for me. He is my best friend. He knows I'm not perfect and he chooses to love me and sacrifice for me.

I know he is not perfect and I try not to rub that in his face when we are in the middle of a big argument. :)

This is my closest friend, my lover, my companion, the man I want to be old and saggy with.

Five years later, I know him for being a man with flaws, but I know him even more as a man who has strengths.

He is an incredibly hard worker. He gives of himself, the best of himself, so that he can be proud of what he has accomplished. He loves God. He loves his family.

He tries so hard to listen and to care even when he is running on empty for time.

He fights for me.

He holds strong.

He is patient.

He is kind.

He is long suffering.

He professes his love for me.

He dances with me.

He sings with me.

He laughs with me.

He adores the things our tiny people do and accomplish with me.

Watching him be a Dad is about the sexiest thing I can imagine seeing someone do. Loving his kids.

I adore this man. Sick or Healthy, Happy or Sad, Broken or Whole.

God completes our marriage, but Nick was a gift to me. I feel that way completely. :)

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