Unplugging from Electronics

So four weeks ago, my house was clean. Right now I'd give it about a 5 on a scale of 10. Not scary, but definitely needs improvement. The difference? I looked at facebook for 10 minutes 2x-3x a day for a long while. I missed out on a ton, I felt like my facebook friends thought I abandoned them... but I was still slightly proud of my hard work.

Over the past five days, or maybe month, I've been working REALLY hard on unplugging Judah.

Here comes my terrible Mom confession: Please don't judge harshly if you can help it:

Judah went to sleep watching movies almost (3/4) every night since Gabe died.

Call it bad parenting, but it was just what worked for our exhausted souls at the time. I started to find my horror in the fact recently, and I decided it was time to unplug Judah. The past four days, Judah went to sleep after reading 3 (Just ONE MORE, Mommy, just ONE more) books.

We have read often in our house as it is, but we implemented a schedule. Almost every day we do bath time, jammies, (maybe a movie as a family if it's still early) and then we read and say goodnight. THANK GOD for Frederick, Judah's stuffed animal sidekick, because Frederick can convince Judah of bedtime on the nights when I can't, usually.

His attitude improved already. He is doing imaginative play a lot more without asking to watch a movie, and he's accepting the 'not right now' answer for television.

Maybe it's because I got tired of hearing the Magic School Bus every night, but I am so so thankful for the peace it's seeming to lay out.

Unplugging terrified me, because with Addie's nursing schedule still being rather demanding, I wasn't sure how it would go keeping him in bed.

It turns out, Judah is loving the schedule implement. Even if we are only organized for the night.

He still is missing his Daddy who is working, doing school and homework, and working on our new house every single moment he has off... but you know, Daddy reads books too some nights. Or gives a massage, which Judah loves too.

I'm so proud of my family.

And Adelaide and Judah had their first wagon ride yesterday down the road and back, and Addie laughed the whole time! Kids! lol

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