Pray for Gabby... Urgent.

Gabby was born with the same heart defects as Gabe (an even rarer combination than HLHS, HLHS and an AV Canal Defect) and has been struggling for the past few months.

She came down with Pneumonia, ended up being intubated and then finally unintubated last month, and now she is doing even worse. Her cardiac and pulmonary function is deteriorating, her kidneys seem to be starting to have issues making urine... (from what I've gathered from her updates)...

Her family now feels like they are facing the inevitable end of their journey with little Gabby, and we know all too familiar that hopelessness.

God is the God of hopeless situations. I believe that, even though our hopeless situation did not improve, that doesn't make me question the power and abilities of prayer and petition.

Please, pray with us for Gabby. Petition with us on her behalf.



Anonymous said...

Hugs and prayers Beautiful baby girl.

Melissa said...

We are in on the gate storming! You ARE big enough for this Lord!

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