Little blessings in big ways.

The day before yesterday, I was filling out a list of joyful things, three things blue... and for some reason I suddenly felt as if the final blue thing I was thankful for was a blue sock.

What was this blue sock? I really didn't know. I know many things of Gabes were blue, I knew that his photos were tinted blue from our last 'photoshoot' together... But a blue sock? But for some reason it was what I felt I was thankful for.

The next day, I picked up my old computer off of a shelf (it needs a new battery and only works if plugged in) and plugged it in.

I was planning on getting photos of the little ones I had taken photos of in Seattle to edit with my new photoshop actions that I am having fun with... But I started looking through the photos and noticed I had deleted a lot of them to clear hard-drive space.

One folder was incredibly messy, three folders within one and not very many photos in each one... I went through them and then saw a video of Gabe. I figured I had probably seen it months ago and it was just a quick one with no noises from Gabe... and sat there trying to resize it so I could play it (it was huge on the screen since it was taken with my T3i camera). Finally, I got it to the right size to play.

It started and I held my breath.

Little Gabe, so clear and so sweet- just being a little baby boy.

I watched and then heard the noise I had been trying to imagine for the past year. Yes, for the past year. I hadn't heard Gabe's voice for nearly a year until yesterday. (minus one or two months).

But there he was, quiet, sweet. I handed him a blue sock, I remember the sock, getting it out of the clean laundry- why would I give him a sock to play with? I don't know... but this blue sock was there, in this video.

He was grabbing it and then dropped it. In frustration, he let out a tiny frustrated noise. So quiet, so sweet. Then he went on to talk a bit, then get excited...

To hear his voice again, not try to imagine it... was so nice.

I am going to post that video in a different post, since the blogger site won't allow me to post it at the bottom of this post. :)

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