One Thousand Gifts

1. The gallop of hearts on monitors
2. Laughter for no reason at all
3. Joy where sorrow should be.
4. Hope
5. Teary eyes of love and compassion
6. Memories that burn
7. The smell of hand sanitizer
8. The color green in contrast with his blonde hair
9. Perfect toes in a row
10. The hole in my stomach that tells me it isn't a dream
11. Paused time
12. Miracle after miracle that should never have been
13. Brothers... love.
14. Friends who send notes
15. Unexpected flowers
16. Tears that flow freely.
17. Babies breath flowers.
18. The ocean...
19. Memories I can feel on my fingertips.
20. Pain's reminder of a deep love.
21. An easy birth, a pink baby.
22. Strangers who look like friends.
23. Recognition of your baby in others.
24. Breastfeeding, for just a moment.
25. Whipped cream tastes
26. Airplane strangers who want to talk.
27. Big, deep, meaningful hugs.
28. The smell of a spouse.


Jenn W. said...

I read the title to your post and started to cry before I even started browsing down your list. When you read the blog post about this same topic at the memorial service, I cried too. The gifts are everywhere aren't they? It can be hard to recognize them in the midst of struggle, pain, and loss. Not only is it difficult to recognize them, but it can be hard to appreciate them. I am so thankful for the gift of our friendship. I love you Julia!

Mandy said...

Oh Julia, I am so glad you're receiving the gifts the Lord is giving you as you mourn your precious baby. Thanks for encouraging me to do that as well. I praise God for you.

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