Goodbye you silly lies.

I've had a melody stuck in my head this morning.

"Goodbye you silly lies,
Hello to the truth."

I don't know what put it there, but I think I'm beginning to understand why it's there.

The past months have been filled with so many lies I can't begin to count them.

It's time to focus on the truths that I know.

I would have done anything to save Gabe.
My marriage is going to survive all of the things it has been through recently (and is going through now).
There are people who genuinely care for our family.
God did not turn his head the other way while Gabe died.
We are loved by our heavenly father.
Gabe's blood still pumps in my veins, even though his spirit is no longer here.
Love is certainly not lost.

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Tammy said...

I found myself praying the word "hope" for you this week Julia. Hope is filled with truth. Love you.

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