The Perfect Gentleman

Gabe will always be my version of a perfect gentleman.

He was quiet and listened to everything that you said, quite intently.

He was a warrior, he fought so hard....

But he was a gentle spirit, so sweet and so untainted by other people's ideals.

I was talking to Nick tonight about our 'someday' babies... and I said it felt a little odd...

But if we don't have a baby with Downs Syndrome, I'm afraid I will be disappointed.

So someday, just like we promised Gabe, we will adopt a baby with an extra chromosome.

We always told him we would, so he could have someone who looked had those cute little features... Someone who would understand him perfectly, even when we couldn't.

Yesterday, before we lost him... we talked about the time he spun off of his couch into a laundry basket.

Thank goodness the laundry basket was there, we had thought.

To catch our baby when we weren't there.

I know he was caught yesterday.

He might have been scared, because I know we were scared. Scared to let go, scared to hurt so much.

But I know his fears were replaced quickly... by something so amazing.

Love surrounded him in that room, but nothing as great as the love that surrounds him now.

We miss him, but he knows that he is loved.

We are the ones grieving tonight, but not Gabe.

Oh Gabe. I miss you so.

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