A love so deep
It's close to insanity
To give a heart it's beat
A mother would give her last breath

Stolen moments of joy
Replaced by breaths held
Hearts racing
For one heart

A life worth fighting for
Though not all see the value
A beauty so rare
Very few behold the truth

Held in my arms
In a moment of realization
That life is so precious
It should have no limitations

Why do you fight
When hope is so obscure
Why do you hope
When it might be easier to give up

Why do you keep pushing down the walls
When they told you it was impossible?
Why do you keep trying,
When they say it's not worth the fight?

I held perfection in my arms,
As it breathed a hopeful breath.
I held life in my arms,
with value recognized by few.

I saw the stealer,
lurking many times.
He stood next to my son's bed,
Trying to steal his life.

He told me it wasn't worth it,
The fight was not for much.
But I called him out on his lies,
And the warmth of hope filled my soul.

Why do we give in so easily?
Do we feel the need to give up.
Why do we not listen,
When the Holy Spirit sends his touch?

I held my son's body,
empty, with life slipping away.
And I saw the beauty,
of a future that God had in mind.

A surgeons hands did the work,
that God had in mind for us.
A miracle in the making,
hope for many others to come.

I know hope.
I see it every day.
I know impossible,
it means nothing in God's way.

Next time you find yourself staring at impossible,
Don't give in to that voice, but wait on God.
His response won't always seem well timed to our mortal minds.
But when you give your troubles to God...
You leave your weights behind.

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