Feeling small

Nothing quite tests your world like having a baby with a severe congenital heart defect.

Suddenly, you aren't quite as powerful of a parent as you thought you were. Actually, you have literally no control (nor would you want to, some of the time)... But the hardest parts are the extreme ups and the extreme downs.

Gabe went from sleeping two months, to being unintubated recently, and now is not doing well again. He was reintubated this morning... and from across the country... I can't help but feel extremely, extremely small.

I can't change Gabe's body, his circumstances, but I can put my little hopes (and big) in God.

Prayer warriors, now is the time to pray for Gabe, he needs to get off of this ventilator once and for all, and soon. His body needs to recover- so we can finally take him home for the life we have our hopes set on for him. One away from the hospital.

Jesus, now is the time for Gabe's body to get it's healing touch, because only you can change these circumstances, the workings of the body- to get him to where he can be in our arms.

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Aleisha said...

Praying for sweet Gabe. Jesus be with Gabe , touch his body and help him through this , be with his parents, give them strength and encouragement to get through this. Lord we know that nothing is to Big for you, we know that Gabe is in your hands , please Lord, help him to get better. Amen

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