Surrogacy is something you don't hear about too often- but honestly- it is something that I had big dreams of doing.

The fact that Gabe had a heart defect pretty much disqualifies me from doing it, but it is still one of my huge big dreams to be able to give the gift of a child to a family who cannot have one...

Surrogacy is one of the most beautiful things (to me) that exists. Adoption is beautiful, but becoming pregnant and going through pregnancy and labor to give someone the ultimate blessing- it's incredible. Nick met a woman who cut his hair once who had given over 3 babies to people for surrogacy.

I just thought I would share that today.

I am seriously beyond crushed that I cannot sign up to be a surrogate now, although I would still love to do it eventually if it presents itself to be something in my future.

Pregnancy is not glamorous. For me, it's 6-7 weeks of puking pretty continuously, then waddling around like crazy, but at the end it is really all worth it. :)

Positive post of the day.

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