Photos of Gabe! :)

Gabe and Mommy right before we left Seattle- Gabe wore his first pair of sunglasses! So cute!

Three of the girls from my pregnancy group came to meet Gabe in Seattle!

Wrapped up in a blankie that Aunt Kay made for him!

Trying on Hats! (You will see a lot of photos like this!)

Gabe and Hannah held hands and she sucked on his hand quite a bit! They were friends from the beginning!

Gabe loves his toys- non discriminatory!

More hat wearing!

Gabe in his letterman's jacket!

Sleepy little baby!

Gabe has the cutest buns on the planet!

Talking to Momma!

Happy little lad!

Gabe loves toys!

our first few days in Boston, Gabe and I trying out the local food!

He is a great dinner date!

Gabe's first hospitalization in Boston.

Judah picked Gabe out a puppy named spot. Gabe and Spot really bonded before Judah decided he wasn't actually for Gabe. 

On his way home for the hospital in his warm weather gear!

More hats!

This is where he was found when Nick went to pick him up from the hospital, the nurses had wheeled him out to play with him while they did their paperwork!

Gabe and Grandpa have a real connection!

This is the last picture we have of Gabe before his surgery, awake. Miss him so much.

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