Not moving on!

Sometimes, after your baby has pretty much been in a coma for two months.. You start to move on physically and mentally, even though it's silly because he isn't 'gone' he just isn't really all that 'there' for the moment.

So, you get these weird thought patterns going in your head, your arms want a baby to hold (but yours can't be held)... So your body goes through the emotional withdrawals of losing a baby to a point. It's weird. It's a very 'not normal' place to be. But a lot of heart families go through it.

So, today, I devoted an hour and a half to 'not moving on'. I made a registry of a bunch of items Gabe will need (or I vote that he will need) after he is out of the hospital. Most of them are for the physical limitations he is going to have, and the oral aversion he already has. We are going to fight through all of it!

So if you want to support my not moving on and encourage my ridiculous addiction to all things 'physical therapy for babies' related, check out the link on the top of my blog for Gabe's 'baby' registry.

Suggestions are welcome! :)

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