Chaos and cuteness.

Lately the only word I can think to describe everything going on is complete and utter chaos. But also complete and utter cuteness.

The past few days have been painful in different ways.

We found out that Ezekiel, the little guy I took pictures of when he was three weeks old (a few weeks ago) passed away unexpectedly. It just crushed us. After we had seen him and how well he was doing and what a little sweetheart he was... And he is just gone. I am so tired of seeing death.

And then Gabe had to be reparalyzed again due to drops in sats/blood pressure. The truth is he is just ready for his mitral valve and his sano shunt (his main pulmonary valve, at the moment) to be repaired. He can't wake up right now because his heart can't push the blood around enough to maintain everything when he is awake. So we are ready for him to have surgery, whether it is the full repair or just working on his mitral valve and his sano shunt (replacing it with another type of shunt that doesn't allow regurgitation).

And then there is the other thing that seems like the elephant in the room sometimes.

My husband's Mother, Geri has been fighting Melanoma for the past few years... and she has been totally kicking it's butt. Beating all of the odds... She has been more than a conqueror, but it is becoming increasingly obvious to her and all of us that melanoma is fighting back as hard as it can. She is stage 4, which is pretty much the worst prognosis in the world... But she continues to beat all the odds.

She needs a lot of prayers for the next months and for her body to continue to keep up the fight. And we would definitely take miraculous healing, if that's what we were given... we would be happy with that.

We are all a little exhausted here in Boston, but Judah and I leave for Boise on the 5th so that he and I can get a little bit of 'normalcy (hahahaha)' in for his toddler well being.

And for mine, as I have mentioned.

This will be a nice break, I keep telling myself. I really think it will be, but it will also be hard.

Thank you for your love and prayers... <3

Julia Opal

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