It's been 14 days since I have seen my sons eyes open. 14 days since I've heard him make a noise. 14 days since I've seen him breathe without a tube. I miss him incredibly. It's not enough to hold his foot- to touch his head. I need to see him smile again, to hear his cry again. I need to know what he will be like in Kindergarten. God, provide a miracle.


Kaytie Pieper said...

Gabe is a miracle! God will provide. I know it's hard but think of all you have been through... you can get through this. You are a strong woman and a wonderful mother. Gabe wil be okay! *HUGS*

Aleisha said...

Heavenly Father , if it be your will , please give this family a miracle. Please be with this beautiful baby boy, be with his family ....send them encouragement and give them strength. Amen... I can not even begin to imagine what you are going through , I have 2 children and just thinking about what you are dealing with , it just makes me cry , I will keep praying. God bless you Jeremiah 29:11

Kristin Hankins said...

always praying <3

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