Battle of the mouth

Today was spent on a few different activities.

Well, technically this was last night. Judah doing the 'march of the ducks' as we like to call it. The word for bathtime is almost being changed to "Get your ducks!" because, of course, a bath cannot be complete without them.

And this morning, Judah was testing out Gabe's gear for him again. He's such a helper!

And here we are working on our sitting and grabbing skills, both which we excel at around here!

More working on grabbing skills

Of course, a little help from brother is nice :)

Just being cute with our sitting and grabbing adventures

And a cute boy to boot :)

Grabbing down, now if only he would consider chewing on it! :)

Choices... oh sweet Choices.

Sweet Boy again :)

Whew, what a day

And that was our early morning/afternoon. Working with the boys on the skills of life.

Judah has been wanting to be rocked to sleep in my arms for the past two nights. I can't complain, since he hasn't let me do that since he was much much younger.. But he is a bit heavier now.

Gabe, however, is content to play with his toys and grab Mommy's hair. He had ANOTHER hair trim today (had to remove another mullet in progress)- boy these boys grow hair. Judah is due for a haircut, but I want him to keep his ears so I have been reluctant to try.


As for me, I'm just trying to keep my emotions balanced with all the changes coming up. And praying for peace and a path that is directed- ordered even. :)

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