When evil sneaks in

Evil sneaks in like a blanket of sorrow eclipsing your entire body.
The blanket of sorrow holds many names.

At first, it feels like irritation.
Then it turns to anger.
To pain.

The lies fill in the gaps around you, sneaking up your feet.
At first it feels like a friend- the lies.
At first they feel a lot like the truth.
But then you realize suddenly that you are going down a dark path- as the blanket begins to cement you to the floor.

If you are lucky, you realize before it is too late what is happening.
That the devil had gained a foothold, which turned to a firm grasp, which turned to this blanket.

It's a cold blanket that never gets warm.
Self pity is in it's wake. A self pity that feels justified.

But the TRUTH is that the King has set us free from this.
And when you realize that what depression is- it's satan gaining a foothold.
It's satan that is trying to pry your marriage apart.
It's God who restores.

God who warms.
Who brings hope.
Who heals the broken hearts.
Who restores happiness to the sorrow-filled hearts.
Who brings light in a darkened place.

Thank you God for what you have revealed to me lately.
Thank you for my husband.
Thank you for bringing me closer to you through my own struggles.
Thank you for setting me free of the burdens that I let get to me.
Thank you for my babies.

Julia Opal.
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