Nick and I didn't pack for winter. Whether due to optimism or pessimism, we expected to be home before it was 'very' cold, and yet.. Here we are. I wear two jackets underneath my coat, but I am so excited to get home and pack up some warm clothes.

Judah and I are traveling to Boise this coming week. We are packing up our apartment and organizing and cleaning the best we can. And getting warm clothes for Nick and I (YAY).

We were recently told that our doctors would not want to discharge us to Boise at this point... So we will most likely be staying here at the Ronald McDonald House until after his next surgery. It's not too far away 2 or 3 months... and Gabriel is a heart kid that needs extra oxygen, which means that any sickness or virus will hospitalize him with even more extra oxygen assistance needed.

We found this information out a few days ago. We are kind of in a difficult spot mentally- we are both homesick... But we will not have a 'home' to go to when this is all said and done. Weird. (Except of course our loving family members).

Nick's work messed us up financially pretty hardcore. It's pretty painful. We haven't even added up the money (though it stopped quite a few paychecks ago). Basically, when we originally came here we were told we would be given vacation donation (we were so blessed). Well, we got a few paychecks of what we thought was that... and it ended up being a mistake (they called us this week to let us know.) So, here we are thinking we were breaking even at the 5 dollars we had left in our pocket and then all of the sudden it's around negative 3 grand. (with taxes).

Not trying to be whiny... But this really sucks. We were planning on saving up for a deposit for our apartment... Not to mention Christmas presents for Judah.


Nick and I have been saving our Christmas decorations for when we could finally have our own Christmas tree in our own place. So, right now things are more bitter than bitter sweet.

But, we have our family and we have a hope for the future, so that is a blessing all on it's own. <3

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