You're better than drugs...

Last night was scary. I was having a good time since Gabriel was so awake, sitting up and looking at me... But he was breathing so quickly and heavily. His morphine wean hasn't been quite as easy as we were hoping it would be.

Last night was one of those moments where fear got the best of me and I stared helplessly while waiting on the doctors to order and bring up a breakthrough dose of morphine. 30 minutes of watching him struggle to get air and they finally brought it up.

Poor Gabe.

Hoping today is easier- since we slowed the amount of weaning. Slow and steady... I suppose.


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Mandy said...

Hi Julia. I just heard about you guys and Gabriel today through Matt Hammitt. He told us about you. We have a baby with DS as well. He is almost 8 weeks old, and he has two heart defects (one being an AV Canal) and had bleeding on his brain when he was born. We have had to fight for him as well...with some surgeons unwilling in the beginning to perform surgery on his brain. There have been many complications, and he just had his first heart surgery today. We are confident that the Lord has a very good plan for our little man's life, and it is fun to read some of Gabe's story. I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I will be praying for you guys. :-) May He draw you ever so near as you advocate for your little man.


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