Seeing Gabe's heartbeat

Before we had Gabe, we knew that his chest would remain open after surgery for a couple days (it was about 10 days, actually). I remember thinking that it would probably be hard.. But when I saw it- it was totally beautiful.

I could see my son, who had just been cut open and pieced back together, laying on a table, puffy and sedated- and there was his heart beating. I could literally see his heart beating in his chest.

It was- quite oddly- the most exciting and breathtaking thing you could ever see. Knowing that his heart was beating, was working. It was a miracle.

What caused many to look away in horror, inspired me. It made me want to lay my head near his chest to see if I could hear it better.

Just like every time during pregnancy we heard his heart beat. I knew that he was strong, he was okay.

So, seeing his heart beating. That was a miracle. I will forever treasure that moment when I saw it for the first time.

My little warrior prince, Gabe.

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