Hard to Say

I haven't posted in quite a while. This is mostly because of the frustration that comes from having to copy and paste a my o's and l's.

Gabe is more than impressive. His heart function was so bad on his first echo that he did not qualify for surgery. Prayers were sent out, and his heart function improved to near perfection. I am so proud of him.

Judah has grown substantially during our time here. He is earning words, balancing very well- and enjoying a the hospital faces. He brings joy to so many with his high pitched squeeling while running down the halls. He is my sweety boy, I am so proud of him as well.

Gabe is 11 days old today. Nearly two weeks. His first surgery will be on Tuesday, most likely. I can imagine that waiting in the hospital- not knowing- will be the most difficult part...

More later...

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Nick McAllister said...

So proud of my boys! Also so proud of my beautiful wife!

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