Yesterday Nick and I went to Kohls. It was incredible- simply because it felt like we were back in Boise for a moment (we went to Kohls quite a bit when they were mailing us 10 dollar gift cards :)). We bought Judah some warmer clothes, and enjoyed each others company.

Judah is spending the weekend with his grumparents. (grumpa and grumma)

Nick and I can't figure out what happened to summer. We lost it somehow in all this craziness. We remember a few warm days, but most of our time was spent inside, keeping Gabe baking away.

It feels kind of like we are stuck in a snow globe- looking out at everything on occasion, but mostly stuck in our own bizarre world. The flakes pick up occasionally, and we forget to look out at the outside world when that happens.

Gabe is doing well. His sats are up a bit, but we are still not entirely in 'recovery' yet. When his swelling goes down and his chest is closed, that's when we expect to be in the recovery stage.

Nick and I prepared quite a bit, you know. We haven't been shocked by most things. We researched, we read, we connected with families who had already been here- and we saw pictures. We knew that he would be covered in wires and tubes and have his chest open. Maybe that's why I wasn't ready for his birth- because I knew the journey we would be on.

It doesn't phase me. Maybe something is wrong, but I don't notice the wires, the tubes. They are the small things. They aren't really there for me. I notice his hands, his eyes, his ears, his toes- his hair.

more to come...

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