Overwhelming Support

Today, we got a morning to go to church. It was so nice to be there, to worship, to see friendly faces and to hear how many people are praying for us, thinking of us... Supporting us.

Again I find myself thinking of all the moments that I have felt a 'refill' of energy, of strength, of ability to handle this absolutely shocking diagnosis- and I feel like Abraham is the perfect middle name for Gabe.

I know that God hears all the voices that have been sweetly lifting up our family in prayers. I know when I feel an irrational sense of well-being that it's God bringing the peace to our family- listening to the prayers of the men and women who are thinking of us.

I had it in my head to create a facebook page for Gabe so that we could keep updating something while we were in Seattle, just for Gabe. Keeping family and friends in the loop while they prayed over him... So I made the page.

If you would like to be updated on Gabe through simpler means (less wordy- lol)- feel free to add yourself to the group.


We have received so many kind words and notes on his page- so many prayers too, through the past days since we created it. Thank you for all your support... It means more to us than pure gold knowing that so many voices our lifting up our Gabe.

Thank you for your kind words, your support, your love. I hope we seem as grateful as we are, because it's hard to express in words how humbled we are becoming through this experience...


Amy Bennett said...

What a great idea! I'll have to check out the FB group. :-) Wanted to let you know I was just thinking about you earlier today. Bodie was melting down and saw my Ergo. He grabbed it and dragged it to me, sobbing. As soon as I put him in it, he immediately calmed down and was happy as a clam. I thought to myself, as I was wearing my big 24 pound 17 month old boy, "see, you can be a babywearing mama even with a medically fragile kid!" (honestly, I have to hide the Ergo sometimes (like when I've thrown my back out), because if he even so much as sees it, he wants to be in it immediately! lol). xoxo

juroguitar said...

Aww that is too sweet. I really hope to be able to do so- I haven't heard of the Ergo- but I have been looking to buy a ring sling :). That is so great that he loves it too- there is nothing quite like a little one needing to be near his momma, makes you feel so special. :)

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