Every time I sit down to write more- all I can think is just 'breathe'. Just breathe and keep breathing. Keep moving forward and keep breathing.

The one thing I was glad to hear, although I had already suspected was the case was that the hospital would not want to do a c-section or induce labor even. That was awesome to hear confirmed. Something that is going to happen normally- without complication. Its healthy for heart babies like Gabe to be born naturally- it clears out their lungs in ways that they can't simulate for c-section babies. Gabe's lungs are effected by his heart. Half of your heart works on pumping blood to your lungs, you see. The other half pumps blood to the body.

In Gabe's heart- the half that pumps blood to the lungs is the large- functioning part. The half that pumps blood to the body is relatively non-existent.

The reason why this isn't a problem right now is because of two things. The first is the placenta is doing a lot of the circulatory work at this point. The second is that the PDA artery that is present in utero is allowing blood to be pumped to the body. It's an extra artery that closes in healthy babies within 48 hours of birth. The prostiglandin (sp) that they give to him after delivery will keep this open to give surgery more time to be successful.

So they will work on making it so that the lungs get 'enough' oxygen, but not too much (there is a balance, apparently)- and making it so that his body is getting enough blood to work right. In a few months- hopefully around 4-6 months after the first surgery, they will need to do another fix to keep it working well.

After the final surgery, at 4-5 years of age- his heart should work and do a good job until he is in his teens. At that point, he will likely need a transplant. So that is something to pray for. I'm hoping and praying for a superior heart that works until he is older than I am.

They have said that nothing is set in stone. All heart babies are different. All hearts are like fingerprints, unique. There is still opportunity for some change in his heart before birth, small or great- and even that surgery is more successful than they could imagine. Both things I will pray for :).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We feel like we know much more than we did before, and if you are wondering something that I can't answer, it's probably something I need to ask myself!

Judah is doing wonderfully with all the traveling and all the things going on. He is at that point of life where he is getting his boundaries all figured out, and it's definitely been interesting. He is a little bit mischievous and likes to smile when he does something he knows is naughty- but he also knows when he is in serious trouble. It's kind of cute :)

Nick is hard at work with school and work keeping him continuously busy. Sometimes we stay awake extra late to watch a show together, and we have deep conversations every night about all the things we are dealing with and all we have dealt with.

We are happy- though exhausted. We all came home with a virus which left Judah and I pretty puky. We are feeling a lot better and hoping to be at our 100 percents so we can get to church on time for once this year, lol.

We were told by the cardiologists that taking Gabe to church is a no-no due to his immune system being rattled by his heart. I half expected to hear this- but it's still a big life changer. Our church better get some audio video presentations with live links soon ;)

Well, this is more of a journal situation lately- so I will head off to bed.

Love to all of your families.

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