Fathers Day!

Ten Reasons I Know My Husband Was Raised Well:

1: My sweet husband apologizes when he does something that he knows was wrong or hurt me.
2: He forgives me when I am ridiculous
3: He loves Jesus with all his heart
4: He has a very disciplined mind
5: He prays for me all the time
6: He tries his best to make me happy when I am struggling
7: He helps me out with anything I ask
8: He loves his parents
9: He knows what priorities are and how to organize them
10: He is a social butterfly

And finally, I know he was raised well because he is a GREAT Dad.

Nick is the only one who can get Judah to take a nap when Judah has decided to forgo nap time.
He loves his baby bear with all his heart- and he loves being around him. Nick talks in a small voice to Judah a lot of times- and I feel like that is a number one sign of a good Daddy- the ability to communicate with your little one on a little level.

Even when we disagree on things- I know that my husband is quick to forgive, quick to change, quick to apologize, quick to forget- all things I wish I was a lot better at.

So for fathers day- I really am thankful to my husband for being the man that his parent's raised him to be.

I never have to worry about Nick not forgiving me. I never have to worry about him getting angry enough to hit- he doesn't have a bone in his body like that. I never have to worry that he will betray me. I know he was raised with values- and they are similar to the values I was raised with (if not the same). I don't have to worry that Nick will be drunk (or drinking, for that matter). I don't have to worry about him not coming home.

And with a worrier like me as a wife, it's so nice to have a truly morally structured husband who knows who he is and knows what he believes.

It reminds me a lot of my Dad- and that's really great. I never worried about my Dad being drunk or walking out on my Mom, smoking, or hitting us. I never had to wonder about my what my Dad believed and I never had to wonder if he loved me. My Dad never had the issues that a lot of my friends Dad's did. I never found a dirty magazine or website at my house. I never saw my Dad turn to cigarettes or alcohol to cope with things.

I'm proud of my family, and I'm proud of all the fathers in my world.

I know my husband had parents who know what they believe and stand for it on a daily basis. I know he is proud to have a father like he does- a father like mine who does his best to be an example to his children and to love them with all his strength.

And for all you with fathers like ours- you know how nice it is too.

I know the reason why my father and Nick's father, and my husband now are such good fathers. It's not because they are perfect or because they never did a bad thing in their life. That's not the point.

They are great fathers because they fiercely love us, just like they have been loved- and just like their heavenly Father loves them. They are Christian, Men of God. They fight the temptations that are most difficult, because they stand for what God is and who God says he wants them to be.

They are great at discipline, and not just with their children. Being a disciplinarian means that you have to be able to discipline yourself- and that's where they succeed. Being a mighty man of God does not mean that you are inhumanly perfect and unrealistically have no sin in your world. It means that you fight off the sinful natures of the flesh and stand for what you know God has called you to be.

Thank you God for putting such great examples of fathers in our world. <3

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