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Throughout the past few days google has been up constantly. Even when I'm dreaming, I am dreaming of Gabe and holding him.

The research is both encouraging and also awakening.

1 out of 100 babies are born with a heart condition of some type. Gabe's (from what we understand) is one of the most rare (1 percent of heart conditions), but not the worst. God definitely has made Gabe's path and has his days numbered.

I want to note that we have no idea and no control over Gabe's condition, other than to pray God's perfect will for his health and for his life. We will love him for every second we have him. We will love him the day he is born, till the day he isn't our responsibility- and if that means God blesses us with him for 6 minutes or until long after we are in heaven, either way we have put him in God's loving hands. We are praying for Gabriel to have a long life filled with joy and love- of course!

This condition is not genetically inherited. It's unknown why or how it happens, but somewhere when Gabe's heart was about 7-8 weeks old it didn't go according to the normal procedures. It wired itself differently, gave itself a different kind of engine than the ideal.

The good news, is that this engine can be worked on. The reason why this engine is working now, is because of two things. 1: Gabe doesn't have to breathe, so the part of the heart that drives oxygen to the lungs doesn't need to be used. and 2: When in utero, all babies have an extra artery supplying blood to the body. So if it is like they think and the left side of his heart is the small one, then even though the aorta isn't big enough to do the job alone, it has a buddy helping it out right now.

Once Gabe is born, that extra artery disappears within 24 hours if he isn't given a medication to keep it open for an extra week or two. So at birth, he will be taken away for testing and to have the medication administered. They will check everything else on his little body and ideally let us have him a day or three before he is taken in for his first surgery.

The first surgery will be the most tricky, and has a 60 percent success rate. His heart is strong, and he has great odds. He shouldn't be exposed to any illnesses in between his first surgery and second surgery. The second surgery (90 percent success rate) will take place anywhere between 5-8 months old. The third surgery (also 90 percent) can take place between 1-3 years old.

The most dangerous complication is infection. Of all the heartbreaking stories, this seems to be the common problem. We will definitely be preparing our lives for Gabe, so expect to be sanitized anytime you want to see him :)

This is what we understand so far, though things can and may change dramatically when they look at Gabe's heart in 6-8 weeks. It could look better- blood flow could have increased to the left side- increasing the left ventricle and artery's size.

Lots of things to be praying for Gabe's body's healing and the doctors hands as well.

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