Updates Galore! Revealing Gabriel's Middle name :)

I know I've been updating a lot lately- it's more than ever, actually. I think it's because I need to keep busy, to keep my mind going, to keep focused on what I can do and what I can change- because when I sit still it still feels like we are in the beginning of a slow motion car crash.

It's slow enough that you can prepare yourself in a small way, but there's no real way to see what's coming and what it's going to be like after it happens. So here I am doing laundry all day long, folding Gabe's things, Judah's things, sanitizing toys, cleaning out things that have been waiting for months to be cleaned out.

I washed all of Judah's stuffed animals. I don't know if that's a bad sign or a good sign, but I think it's better than other things.

God's still working on me, and luckily he's keeping me upright and in the right direction. It has to be God, because it's certainly not me. I'm the type of person that trips up the stairs- breaks my pinky toe on the edge of everything- multiple times, runs face into a glass door. So for those of you who are praying, please know that your prayers are like the men holding Abraham's arms for me- so continue praying, please.

Also- for those of you who recall, I posted about Sanctus Real's lead singer's family's son, Bowen, who has HLHS. Well, I was secretly hoping that he would write an encouraging song that relates to HLHS- and he did. They are also starting up their own nonprofit organization- and every time this song is purchased it will be donated to that organization. The song is called "All of Me" by "Matt Hammit" so please go and listen and purchase it on Itunes to support his new heart foundation. Their son is doing very well, and I believe I have the link up to the right for you to check it out. It's www.bowensheart.com

Now, the big reveal. I desperately love the name Gabriel James, but unfortunately I cannot use it- because in pondering names we found one that stuck like glue.

Gabriel Abraham. This lead to us calling him Gaberham, or if he's a chubby boy, Gaber the ham. We love this name not only biblically, but we also admire Abraham Lincoln.

Nick also said we could call him "Honest Gabe" (hehe)

Looking forward to meeting our little man, and so happy to hear this new song by Matthew Hammit.


God bless you in every way imaginable!

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Susan said...

You know what's a funny coicidence?? I heard an interview with Matt Hammitt on the radio over here a little while back on my way home from school one night. (And of course you know how much I love Sanctus Real!!) He was sharing his story and the things they're doing. I can't believe their son has the same special heart as Gabe. There's hope Julia!

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