Congenital Heart Defect:

A heart defect that is present at birth/in the womb.

Some babies born with congenital heart defects inherit them genetically from a parent... But for even more of us- it's a mystery why they happen. You are baking your baby, taking your prenatals, eating healthy, avoiding smokers, not drinking, and taking it easy... But somewhere around 7 weeks- something just doesn't go right in the heart.

Gabe's heart defect means that one side of his heart is two sizes too small (As I like to say). The doctors are currently assuming it is is his left side (Hypoplastic Left heart syndrome), but it could easily switch sides. Not only that, but it could look a lot better at the next ultrasound- or at the very least a little bit better.

Here are the questions we are preparing to ask at the next ultrasound:

1. Is it safe to deliver naturally? (I've read that usually the answer to this is yes)
2. Will we be able to transfer him to Seattle Children's Hospital (Their success rate is 8 out of 9 for the Norwood procedure, which is the first open heart surgery he will have)- or will we need to make arrangements to have the baby in Seattle for this to happen?
3. Will Gabe need to undergo the typical 3 surgery procedure?
4. What kind of things should we prepare for seeing and experiencing in the first days and weeks of Gabe's life?

And of course, many... Many more questions. The tough part is that most of the questions we ask cannot be answered- the specifics about surgery, whether or not we will be able to breastfeed... if I will need a c-section... It all depends on how God wires Gabriel's heart together now.

So those of you who are prayer with us, continue to pray for Gabe's little heart.

I am still sending out cards with hearts in them for those of you who would like to have a reminder to pray for Gabe's heart over the next months. Let me know if you are interested <3




Julia...Ralph and I are leaving for a vacation, but we will try to keep up with your blogs. Please send us a "heart" reminder.

juroguitar said...

Will do :) Enjoy your vacation- I hope it's relaxing and fun for both of you!

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