Not underestimating.

Today was difficult. The emotions are hard to process- and I don't know how people process them normally. Is there a normal way to receive difficult news?

I'm not underestimating God and his ability to heal and change- and prayers will be fervent, I am sure.

We were told today that our son has a heart defect and will require surgeries to live. The prognosis is good. Lots to take in.

God bless our little Gabe <3


CaliMomma said...

We are praying for you guys...I know you are still processing it all- just want to encourage you-while we don't discount what the Dr.'s say, remember they don't have the final word. The Lord does and we are believing for total healing, no surgeries...just a perfect heart, healthy baby, I am sure you are too. My mother was given a few years to live- a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. That was over 10 years ago- she is strong and has no symptoms of heart issues at all. We are praying for the Master physician to do His perfect work on Baby Gabriel. Love you guys,
The Booths

Jenn said...

We're Praying for you family! :)

juroguitar said...

Thank you all so much!

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