Life with Judah and Planning for Seattle

I suppose it's not very fair that my little Judah bear hasn't gotten any fame here lately. For those who have children I'm sure you can relate to some odd quirks and funny stages- so here's a few of Judah's.

Judah has obsessions already. It's been this way since about 6 months... maybe earlier. When I say obsession, I'm not talking like little cute obsessions... I'm talking like his mother's obsession with Chai tea during his pregnancy. It's a little overwhelming sometimes!

Judah is obsessed with a few things, but the number one- HUGEST obsession is doorknobs. Yes, the things posted in the middle of a door. Judah loves doorknobs, he MUST touch them, turn them, open and close them, have his hand on them... And relatives are finding that helping him reach a doorknob (though he hardly needs the boost anymore), is a really... really bad idea.

Once you indulge him by propping him up, it doesn't get better. It gets worse. You cannot walk away from the doorknob of his choosing. You cannot distract him easily, in fact... It could be a challenge of it's own.

This obsession is his main, although banisters are also in the running, as well as cupboards with knobs on them.

He also is in love with his grandparents, who are hilarious and mystical people whom he adores with all of his heart, as well as Uncle Jonathan, who is super fun!


In other news:

After looking over the hospitals in our area, we have decided there is no way we are having our baby boy have this operation anywhere unless it's at Seattle Children's Hospital.

Comparing Seattle Children's to any hospitals nearby is almost laughable. Their scores are impeccable and their success with the Norwood and in preventing infections after the procedure is amazing as well.

Their Pediatric Heart Program is nationally recognized and they do at least 1 Norwood procedure a month.

We would have considered the hospital in Salt Lake City, however their infection risk is in the yellow... and considering that is the number 1 cause in complications after heart surgery on these little ones... I won't risk it.

So we are going to be making calls Monday to figure out how to get a referral and schedule an appointment with Seattle Children's Hospital. This means that we will need to travel over there and make a plan for where we deliver Gabriel. From what I understand, it will most likely mean I deliver Gabriel in Seattle at a different hospital, he is transferred to the Seattle Childrens, and Nick of course goes with him to make sure everything goes swimmingly- while I stay behind and recover. Sounds kind of lonely on my end... But I'm sure we will get it worked out within the next 3 and a half months.

The other complexity this brings is how it will work out for insurance. I am on Medicaid because of my pregnancy, and that means the new baby would be as well... So I'm not sure how it will work with Medicaid and being in Washington.

Nick has insurance through his work, but unless I lose my Medicaid (I will 6 weeks after Gabe's birth), I can't be put on it. Now, we aren't sure if we can put Gabriel on it from birth or not, so this is what we are working on finding out. If it will even make a dent in his medical bills... So much to think about.

Well, I guess the jist of this blog is that we still need lots of prayers- for funding, insurance, and a plan to get Gabriel placed in the hands of the best doctors in the best hospital we can get him to.


God bless you and your families!

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