2 Years of Marriage and Blessings :)

Judah is currently watching Veggie Tales while attempting to eat my apple. He is one determined guy, that's for certain.

This morning I could tell Judah was going to be in a good mood. When he's slept well and is ready to go, he wakes up babbling and giggling away. It's refreshing to hear, because when he starts off a day well, it makes it easier for us parents to start off the day well too.

Yesterday we celebrated 2 years of marriage. The shortest, longest years of our lives. Nick and I decided to remake one of our first dates and went to Pojos (a small style gaming place with tokens and tickets and all that fun stuff). We played a few games (beat Star Trek, thank you very much), won some tickets (that Nick gave to a small boy, who was very excited) and took pictures in a booth. Then we went to dinner together at Chilis, thanks to a nice gift card my parents gave us :). A migraine tried to ruin our plans, but we managed to keep it to a minimum so that we could enjoy our time together.

Who knew that after having kids alone time would become so much fun? We laughed, talked about dating memories, early marriage memories and just enjoyed being best friends.

I am so lucky to be married to the perfect person for me. We are so alike and so different that marriage has always been interesting, never boring... Especially with all the random difficulties we've had.


Recently I've felt so blessed by our difficulties. Of course, I wish we would have had it easier with Judah's first year... But at the same time, I realize so much more what blessings we have. I always thought Judah was going to be the 'weird problems' baby... But who knew that we'd be here!

Since I am quite the jokester (much like my father), I like to lighten situations at times with a reference to the oddities.

For example- in explaining to my brother overseas (Afganistan) of Gabriel's heart condition- I told him... "Well... Half of Gabe's heart is two sizes too small." followed a few minutes later by... "It's actually extremely rare, even for a heart condition. We are like the winners of the 'weird things your kids can be born with' lottery."

But all in all, I think going into what we are about to face, no matter how small or how big- we have a small amount of preparation that we wouldn't have had. We've dealt with feeding tubes and know about saturation (how much oxygen is getting into the bloodstream), we've seen a little bit of what it looks like after surgery (nothing like what we will, I'm sure), and we've experienced the hospital prison time lag... Which is what we are not looking forward to the most. < 10 minutes in the hospital is equal to an hour. (After you've been there a while). >

Also, we aren't going in blind sighted. We know we have to be strong about what we demand for the care of our child, and since I don't like to be demanding... It's rough to get used to. But when you become a parent, you also become a 'mama' and 'papa' bear. You can't let people ignore your requests, and you can't let them get by without explaining everything they are doing to your child and the reasoning behind it.


For those of you in prayer with us- please pray for one of the Mama's from the sight heartsisters.blogspot.com

They recently sent us an extremely sweet package with things for Gabriel, a hospital gown (mini sized), onsies that button up on the side, a notebook and pen, baby leg warmers, a pacifier and a blanket that attaches to it (never lose it! woohoo) and a sign for our carseat that says not to touch baby without washing hands first. It was amazing to recieve, and it came with a letter that was also very sweet and encouraging.

The group is founded by 10 mommies who have had babies with HLHS.

Recently, one of them lost her son, Travis. He was 1 and a half. He was in the hospital for one of his final surgeries- and it looks like due to human error, he was lost during recovery. As you can imagine, his family needs all the prayers the can get at this time... Please be praying for them.. Here is their blog site if you would like to send some encouragement their way.. dicarlofamilyupdates.blogspot.com


Finally, some great news!

We found out that our insurance will be accepted at Seattle's Children's Hospital! So now we just need to figure out all the odds and ends of delivering Gabe- and getting everything pre-authorized. We of course are going through lots in our heads, but it's so nice to know that one thing is off of our plate for worry.

So thank you for the prayers, God is working in our lives.

We appreciate all the love and support we've been shown.. Thank you so.


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