Practically pleasant in every way!

It seems like the sunny spring weather gave me a second life. I finally have felt the urge/ability to get up and get things going on a rather daily basis, which is unusual for me as of late.

On Saturday (the Second of April), we got our ultrasound done at a clinic. Nick and I were both dreaming of a girl, but we got our second boy! Slightly disappointed for a moment, but we immediately celebrated the new boy by going out and getting his 'coming home' outfit and a few cute onsies.

We were really worried that coming up with a name would be difficult, but Nick came home from work and we immediately decided on Gabriel, or little Gabe for short.

My confession on this is that I had wanted to name Judah that name, and then for his middle name we decided, but that went out the window. For some reason Nick felt really attached to Gabriel this time, so Gabe it is!

I think Gabe and Judah will be great together- and we won't be trying for our girl for at least 5 years or longer (as of right now).

The pictures and ultrasound are all available via facebook, and we are happy to share our happiness:).

God Bless

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