The Long Haul

So reality sets in and with the painful truths you have to sit down and make a plan. Obviously so far the plan has been to be in love, to trust in God and to love our family above all things.

Although that plan is decent, it's subject to change. Ultimately, we've loved God and loved our family, but we've been on hold. Waiting for God to speak can be like waiting for the blue sky while in a snowstorm- while driving.

Nick and I drove to McCall a few weeks ago to get away for a night. It was really fun, although we didn't do much other than just enjoy our company and our baby. On the way We came through a few blizzard like snow clouds. It was so thick at some points we could hardly see, but we drove through knowing and hoping that the sky would finally peek through and the blueness would show us our direction once more. It always did.

God is not absent. He's always here. I can always feel his warmth in my heart and I always know that he loves me. I don't always know I'm doing the right things or driving in the right direction, but I always trust that he is seeing us through. He does. He always does. And there's always a blue sky.

So as we enter this new phase, I'm afraid that there will be points where the sky doesn't seem so blue. Where we're in a storm so thick that Nick and I can't figure out even we are even moving at all.

But as long as I know in my heart that God is the God of goodness and mercy, and he will see us through- I think we'll be okay.

With no real college experience (other than bible college which has yet to turn into a career), we are kind of in a boat floating in the middle of a large, rather green pond. No tide to change things, we're always just trying to stay above the water.

(financially, anyway).

Nick is going to college to get his RN Degree, and launch us into some sort of river. Even a canal might be better. But unfortunately it seems unlikely that Nick can work full time and go to college full time for this career.

So at this point we are deciding that it's best (in our current pond) just to launch into some violent rapids and try to get through to the slower flowing side.

He will be attending full time, while working part time, and we will be using some government assistance to try to keep us aloft until the other side. I of course will be looking for work once this second little one comes into the picture (after a few months, most likely), but for now we are going to throw our money at rent and at utilities.

So for those of you who pray, we could use plenty of prayers for the next two years (at least).

We have chosen to not to part time schooling so that we can get financially stable by the time our kids are ready to get into school. That's really important to us.

Who knows, we may be in Kellogg by then, if that's really where God is taking us.

Love to your family from ours. :) May you feel God's blessings daily :)

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Jenn said...

Praying for your family. If you ever need anything at all, I know Shawn and I don't know you both well, but we are available to help with anything. I know it seems hard enough with me still in school and no babies, so I can only imagine. Love you guys!

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