my hopes and my dreams (From 5 year old Julia)

Five year old Julia would think I have absolutely no imagination or energy. She had so much imagination that she never felt alone, even when her brothers didn't want to play with her. She had loads of imaginary friends and the day she found Jesus she was altered from her very core.

Five year old Julia had one word to describe her most favorite things. "Beautiful." Beautiful were the kindhearted. Beautiful were the trees. Beautiful was everything with the fingerprints of God.

Five year old Julia knew exactly what her future was- she was going to be a Pastor, just like Pastor Evert. She was going to help everyone to know Jesus, and she practiced daily. She took her little pulpit to the back porch and faced the squirrels with her tiny pink bible. She laid it out in front of her and told the animals small and large about Jesus.

Then she would climb trees and lay in them while she sung songs to Jesus. She was a lot of fun- 5 year old Julia.

I guess the point is that 21 year old Julia and 5 year old Julia are the same person with the same heart, except 21 year old Julia doesn't really want to be a pastor and has let her imagination fade pretty substantially.

What would 5 year old you think of you now?


Jenn said...

5 year old me would probably think I'm a little on the boring side. 5 year old me would ask me why I worry about so many little things....

Love this post Julia. Hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

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