Love is HARD!

Well, in the midst of the ups and downs of this unexpected pregnancy- Nick and I are enjoying the winding up of our second year of marriage.
Lately, I am having a hard time with complications around every corner, infections, bleeding, and being completely exhausted (without the hope of a cup of coffee to bring my day to a manageable point).
Getting out of bed to the aroma of smells brought on by the fridge, baby, (baby cheetos and how I loathe them), and even sadly my husband (though I know if my nose were working correctly I would find his scent very nice) is difficult. If I smell Nick's pillow in my pillow's place it becomes a disaster with me running to the bathroom or digging my face into a clean linen nearby. Where's the room for romance in this?

When we first fell in love, romance was the last thing on our minds. You don't need romance when every word and every kiss from your beloved is sending your heart aflutter. However, you do need romance as the newly in love faze slips into the more somber lovey dovey feeling.

Some people mistake this for not being in love, but the face that love shows in the beginning is the face created by the (I know it sounds harsh) fake idea that love should always feel like it did when you fell in love originally.

Yes, I still get butterflies when my husband spends time making my heart flutter, but it's not as easy as it was! Love is HARD!

With my husband working 1-10pm and the majority of my day spent with Judah and wishing I could take a walk or go to dinner with my beloved, finding time for romance is even harder. Not to mention with school starting for him again soon, and trying to keep my nausea at bay (harder than it sounds).

I'm thinking that perhaps it's time to romance my husband.

I think most women would be lying if they said that their husband gives them the amount or the kind of romance that they long for in their heart of hearts.

In my husbands case, he just doesn't know how (I think many men suffer from the idea that romance is hard, when it really can be much simpler than we women make it sound).

So here I am trying to come up with a plan. Teach my husband to romance me by romancing him.

Maybe I see why husbands find it so mind boggling. They have a hard time coming up with a plan, and they complicate things. Well, I will not complicate this.

So here we go, trying to make love a little less hard for this particular moment in time.

Wish me luck!

God bless you and your families :)

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