I think over the past year we have experienced a load of tough trials, and a load of even larger miracles.
Today is no different.
With people praying for us from every direction we could possibly imagine, thinking of us, and feeling the pain we were feeling as we went through the past few days; you have to realize- God hears you.
I know God hears you because God does miracles when you pray. I've felt it, seen it happen, and stood in utter amazement (sometimes even in disbelief).
I'm talking to you, the person and people who prayed for me the last few nights. For Judah the last year. For our family. You know who you are.

There's nothing to describe what happened here other than the word miracle.

Just as my hope fell to a limb, I felt a sudden renewal. It didn't come from my prayers, because I was only praying for my husband at the time. It came from someone else's prayers. Suddenly, I woke up and felt hope.

The doctor pretty much told us it was over when we went to the ER. He had little hope, alike myself. He said not to get my hopes up, not to expect anything to change, because it was getting worse, not better.

The bleeding in the uterus had grown, not shrunk. That was Sunday morning.

Today is Monday, and there was no evidence of a bleed. Did you hear that? None, no evidence.

The doctor had told me it was where the placenta needed to attach, and it wasn't healing, it was progressing.

The ultrasound tech today found nothing, no indication of a bleed ever forming. The baby's heart rate had increased and it was growing.

I've had no bleeding since I went to the ER that night.

I don't know if you realize what a miracle this truly is. There are moments in our lifetimes that we will recognize miracles. Some of us miss them, because we think it was luck, or it was just what happened, but this was certainly, without a doubt a miracle.

Our little miracle will be due September 11th 2011.

For those of you who prayed, I pray God will bless you as your prayers renewed our hope, blessed us, and changed our lives. Truly, truly changed our lives.

I've poured my heart out, left everything visible, every pain and every fear. All my weaknesses, and all my strengths. I've let everyone be able to see my head on here, and I hope it's blessed you to watch this happen.

God is good. He's more than good. He is amazing, breathtaking, life changing, fantastically beautiful.

For those of you who doubt that there is a God, those who doubt there is a creator who does good on the earth, this is a small thing that He did for us.

A small, incredible thing.

Not including the things he did for our little Judah bear.

I think the great part about going through a moment where God lets you fall to your knees is that you get to see what kind of person you really are. You get to see your weaknesses, your strengths, and know that despite everything, you know that your Father is in control.

Though I'm a pessimistic realist of sorts, I knew that God was in control. I still do. God will strengthen me and my family through anything we go through. He will use it to make us better, more loving and kinder people. As long as we let Him, He will build in us a foundation that is stronger than any disease, any illness, any loss, any pain that we could go through.

When I die, I want to be able to say that I trusted God. Just like Daniel in the lions den. I want to be unafraid of the evil that the wicked can do, that Satan can do. Because in the end.

I believe in the Sun. Even when it's not shining.

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