Thing 1 and Thing 2 of having a baby:

Thing 1:
Turns you into an emotional wreck.

Maybe it's the insane amount of hormones surging through your veins, or maybe you feel that it's your new perspective on life, but you can't escape the emotional wreckage following (and during) pregnancy.
When you watch shows about families where the child dies or is in danger, or the parents are worried about their children, you find yourself coughing and turning your head so people don't see you crying. Maybe you were emotional before pregnancy, but for many women, this is a whole new ball game.

Thing 2:
Turns you into a zombie.

Did you have days where you got all your laundry done, your house cleaned and found your keys? Say goodbye to those days (at least for a few months). Unless you have a live in house cleaner, you are going to get bamboozled (oh yes I did) by six billion diapers, wipes, formula (unless you get to breastfeed), bottles, spit up covered clothes, and that's if everything goes well. Just wait for the unexpected diaper explosions and projectile vomiting- that's when it gets really interesting.
If you are still awaiting your little bundle of joy, take advantage of the days where you get to shower, put on makeup and leave the house. They are limited and you will miss them.

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Anne said...

I love this post Julia! You have a beautiful little family and you and Nicholas are wonderful parents.

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