A giant fork in the road.

Well, we are on the road to succeeding with Judah. Which means we will no longer have to worry about a tube for our sweet boy.

But with new changes, brings more changes.

Nick and I have been throwing around things for the past few months. Thinking about where we are going to go and where God wants us to be.
Praying. Praying. Praying.
Waiting for an answer.
Praying some more.

And it seems like God has been silent in this matter.
I've come to realize that maybe God is being silent because we are at a fork in the road.
Maybe it's up to us to decide from here, where we are going.
There are a lot of different things going on.
So many, it would take too long to describe them all.
But maybe, right now, God's letting us decide where to go.
Maybe no matter what we choose, we will have the opportunity to do good, to be good, to live for Him.
So with that being said.

A lot of changes are coming.
Maybe not permanent, but I've also come to realize, no matter what path you take it's going to have it's rough spots.
Stay, Go, Come back, Leave. It's all going to be hard.

I'm not afraid to say that Nick and I have gone through a lot in the past few months.
It has brought us to our knees in ways we never imagined.
It has strengthened us too.
But this journey is only beginning, and there are many many difficult things in store for us.
But also many beautiful and wonderful things.

I've always known that God puts us through trials.
They strengthen us. The bow us before Him. They show us the dark side of evil, and the beauty that can come through despite everything.

So we have bowed our heads before God.
And we are listening, still, waiting for even a breath of an answer for this.
But we realize that in the end, He may be letting us make our own path at this time.

I hope we choose the one that is best for our little family.
But you know, no matter what.
I know my God is bigger than anything we could go through.
And his Mercy will carry us even when we choose incorrectly.

God bless our Judah.
God bless all the babies in the NICU.
God bless babies who struggle to eat, breathe, live.
God bless families who are struggling.
God bless the broken hearted.
God bless us.
God bless my family.
God bless Nick's family.
God bless our Church family.
God bless everyone we touch.

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Jenn said...

Praying for your family :) -- Great Post Julia.

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