The Greatest Gift

Judah is now 6 and 1/2 months old. This past monday, we finally got the news that Judah is no longer aspirating. I cannot even begin to describe how elated I feel this many days later with the idea that Judah is finally going to recover from this. I cannot describe with words how thankful we are to God and to the many, many prayer warriors who have been blessing Judah since his birth.

The past 6 and a half months have been the most amazing, joyful, exhausting, scary and fun I could ever have experienced. When I held Judah in my arms and realized his breathing was not right- when I watched him cry constantly of hunger and slowly starve, when I finally got to see him gain weight...

Tears start coming.

I think about how bad he beat me up just before he was born, kicking me in the ribs constantly and nudging me to get out of there, I never expected him to have difficulties, not even one... And here they were. We are so blessed..

Many people never get to say 'our difficult journey is finally going to be over', many people never get to have a doctor tell them "Your baby is healed.", but we are the lucky ones.

God, you are so good.

I can't help but cry in joy, as I had been accepting and giving up on normalcy. I thought I would have to toughen up, but I finally get to hold my baby without wondering if he will ever be the healthy and happy baby we had prayed for.

God, you are so good.

For every Mommy, every Daddy, ever baby and child who struggles to eat, to breathe, to live... That's who I am going to pray for, every day. For every moment we wondered "Are we going to lose our baby?" God knew. Every moment I wasn't sure if God's intention was to heal my Judah... He knew.

God gave us the greatest gift of all. A deep compassion and understanding for those who suffer for their child. For every Mommy's worried tears.

How can we begin to say thank you for this gift?

Judah will begin the process of eating via mouth, which may take a few months to master, but it will happen. Thank You Jesus.

God, you are so, so good.

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