Fall Favorites :)

Alright, you ready for my favorite fall clothes? Me too! I can't buy any of these, but when I finally get that dream job, these will be mine (muahaha). These are all modest, but cute clothes for girls who want to look beautiful, but maintain their modesty at the same time- *very possible, by the way*.
Christian Styles, I suppose.


The first fall favorite is off of Here it is :

If you feel like it's too much shoulder for you, that's just fine because it would look great paired with a great tank-top undershirt or a nice blue scarf! :) You can find this for 50 dollars on the link above :).

Which leads me to my favorite::: Layering Sweaters

I love these because you can mix and match so many different options, including t-shirts, camis, other sweaters (if it's especially cold out) and turtlenecks, if you are one of the fortunates who can pull off a turtleneck. I found this at forever21.com for $19.80.

Now I HAVE to mention my new favorite store! It is Rue21 in Boise Town Square. Why? Their clearance is AMAZING and their clothes are too! They have many fashionable clothes for guys and girls and accessories too. You can visit them here : RUE 21 Link
Their website does not do them justice, you definitely have to browse their store (upstairs near Dillards at the Boise Towne Square).
Now, a few clothes I would buy from them:

3/4 Sleeve Boyfriend Cardigan

Followed by




And of course

As you can see, I like neutral colors :) They are easily mixed and matched, and there's not much guessing involved. Rue 21 offers all of the things I showed you in different colors, whites, blacks, bright colors too :). They also offer fantastic jewelry and boots!

Like these~

So get in and take a look. I'll post men's fall fashions later :) Love to all and happy thanksgiving!

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