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Alrighty, here goes, I've been wanting to start to do this for quite some time, so here are some money saving tips and ways to get those things you may not need but most certainly would enjoy having :).

Tip 1: Sign up for rewards and get on mailing lists for local retail stores.

First of all, Kohls is the champions of champions when it comes to being on a store mailing list. Every 3-5 months they will send you a $10 gift card (10 dollars off any $10 you can spend) and you can use it on anything. Nick and I will use this to buy things like candles, outfits for Judah, Toys for Judah, Socks and anything in between. Little things we would like to have :). Sadly this leaves Kohls making very little money off of us, but we have a great time!

There is also lots of great benefits, like for example, Fred Meyer, Albertsons, places like those have Gas Rewards so if you buy groceries there, you get a discount on gas. Albertsons is amazing, you can get something like up to 1.70 off a gallon when you max out your rewards, and Fred Meyer offers 10 cents off a gallon with every 100 dollars. It can be used in one refill, but both of them are awesome!

Now then there's the spendy stores like Baby's R Us and Bed Bath and Beyond who will send out out a lot of coupons if you are on their list (20% off usually). They work well when you need a decent deal, but they aren't the most fabulous money savers.

Tip 2: Free Samples, Anyone?

Free samples are an excellent resource, as well undoubtedly know. First of all, if your starving at the grocery store, they are a great little snack, but that isn't all!

Free Samples come in many shapes and forms, including food, beverage, and even makeup and lotions! When you can't get a free sample, often they will have one at a very low price so you can test out the item before you buy it.

For example, I am currently looking for a mineral makeup to use, but I don't want to buy 35 dollars worth of makeup just to find out it's a dud, of course. So I type into google : Free Mineral Makeup samples.

What do you know, I can walk into JC Penny with a coupon from online and get a free sample of Bareminerals! http://f.chtah.com/i/2/95827765/20100210_Sephora_Coupon.jpg
I also found many $3 samples of different mineral makeups, or free samples where I only had to pay shipping, but of course I would rather walk into JC Penny and try one out for free.

This leads me to another conclusion:

Perfumes, makeups ect are often available for sampling at many stores (as long as you aren't too afraid of other people's germs!). Often my girlfriends and I will go into Kohls, or Victoria's Secret and test out makeup to see if there is any we are going to plan to buy in the future. Often, there is!

Free Samples are the greatest when you have a small budget to work with. Also if you are in a hurry for a date and can't go home, stop by a store that offers free makeup samples, do yourself up pretty and spritz on a nice smell, you're ready in a jiff!

:) More to come!

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