Little Ones to HIm Belong They are Weak but He is Strong

Nicholas and I have been married a year and a half. We've known each other for almost three years then, therefore I think we are safe to say that we know that the other one is not perfect. Shocker! No, really, I think we expected as much. I mean, if you wait around for the person with no flaws, you're gonna be single for a long time. Most likely forever.
But somehow you find this person, who has no flaws that you can't seem to look blindly past (most of the time), and who loves you despite your flaws. That's romantic, if you ask me.
I am one lucky woman. My Nicholas is sweet, handsome, kind and loving, even when I'm a grouch from grouchville.
And I'm probably not exactly that description to him, but I do love him, desperately. I can't live a day without him.

Judah was a gift, a complicated, unexpected, wanted, beautiful, exhausting, worthwhile gift. Every day I am amazed at him, at how beautiful and fun he is despite every thing he's been through.

We're having a great time being a family right now. Hiking and hoping for our future together. Judah is now 15lbs and as cute as can be :)

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