Judah's little life

Judah has had a rough start. Not his fault at all, but it's true.

He was finally diagnosed with Laryngomalacia about three weeks ago. What that means is that his larynx overlaps and makes it extremely exhausting to breathe, and especially to eat and breathe at the same time.

Doctor Beck (an ENT) scheduled his surgery for the following Monday. (It was friday when we were seen). Surgery went well, although they told us they would call us up in 20 minutes and it was an hour and 20 minutes later that they finally did, so I guess they wanted to make sure we were nice and worried. Judah slept the whole day after surgery (waking up only to cry and be cuddled until he could go back to sleep for a bit). He was a real trooper though, I think.

We went home the next day with a feeding tube for 'just in case he didn't want to eat his whole 3 oz'. He wasn't using it at all so I took it out (as it made him gag and puke, you see). About 5 days later he started sounding really congested. He wasn't reaching for his toys and was breathing rapidly and shallowly. I got beyond scared and drove him to our nearest primary health. They called an ambulance to take us downtown.

I guess I hadn't been listening to the 'worst case' scenario when we were excited for the surgery to correct his eating problems, but apparently aspiration and pneumonia are fairly common in babies who have this surgery. Judah was in the beginnings of pneumonia and was hospitalized for 2 days.

Aspiration simply means that when you are eating or swallowing liquid, it goes into your lungs. His was pretty severe and he was no longer allowed to eat by bottle or mouth. He was given a feeding tube through his nose (NG tube) and would be eating through this for the next at least 3 or 4 weeks. Then we will do another swallow study and pray that his aspiration is healed. Everyone kept saying "This will have a happy ending, I just know it." I know it will too, but when your infant son who is underweight stops eating and can hardly breath, your mind thinks... What if? And you begin to have a mental breakdown.

I cried for about an hour and let it all out. After that I had it out of my system. I have to tell you, hearing your child screaming bloody murder as people stab him with IVs and NG tubes and all else... It is awful. Absolutely awful. I had no idea infants could scream, but they certainly can. My gosh it is awful.

Judah has improved since the feeding tube. His congestion keeps going back and forth, but for the most part he sounds rather decent, at least today. He would cough and cough until he threw up but barely did once today.

His mood has improved quite a bit, whether that is because he is able to eat or because he discovered the usefulness of his hands and toys, I don't really know. All I know is that I have a happy baby who is getting healthy, and I am so happy to say that.

Judah is 4.5 months old.

He is 25 1/2 inches long.

He weighs somewhere in the range of 12 lbs.

Cute as a button and friendly too :)

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