3 months!

Judah is three months old as of 3 days ago :). He's getting to be a bigger boy, definitely longer and a lot of fun. His smiles are so contagious. I'm pretty sure you would have to be heartless to not be melted by his little smiles.

The funniest thing about his smiling is the random times he chooses to do so. Like this morning, I was telling him how exhausted I was and how I really needed a nap and he smiles this big smile at me. Then I got enough energy to entertain him for a while.

I miss month one. All you had to do was feed them and change them and tuck them into bed. Sleeping, all the time. It was amazing. Month 2 and three have been much, much different.

He wants to be standing ALL of the time. It's pretty funny. Your arms go numb and he still wants to stand. If you lay him down, he throws a fit! I was surprised by this.. Isn't he too little to start throwing fits?

Starting yesterday going to sleep has been a major issue during the day. Judah wants to 'say no' to naps. Usually, if you put him in his swing, in a swaddle- with a binky in, he would pass out in about five minutes. Now it's much more difficult. He figured out if he wants to stay awake the best way is to cry and complain, and he can't do that with a pacifier in. So he wiggles his head back and forth until it is out and begins wailing his sad little wail. I put the pacifier in and he does this again. Finally, about the 50th time putting the pacifier in, Judah gives up and takes his nap.

The poor little dude is already teething. (He started a while back). I think his first tooth will be the bottom left. It got extremely red yesterday when he was complaining of his teething pains.

I desperately need to take a picture of him getting baby orajel to numb his gums. His face puckers up, like you stuck a lemon in there. It's so adorable.

So the news is that we are to start packing! We are headed to Grandma Barbara's house for a while, then perhaps to Seattle for Christmas again. Hard to believe last Christmas Judah was just a little bump. :)

This week will begin the stages of packing and organizing. Sometimes I just want to throw EVERYTHING away and start again. UGH!

Anyway. My stomach is still hurting pretty badly. Nick and I were at the hospital this week twice. My stomach swelled up and I had nausea and pain. Poor me hahaha.
Anyway, I got a catscan and things look well. I still feel pretty terrible, but it's nice to know that most of my organs look extremely healthy!

Now that I've had 3 catscans I'm sure I'm going to have high odds of developing cancer later in life, but heck, at least I know I'm healthy(ish) right now!

Even though Judah is a lot of work, I honestly can't wait for number two. I kind of want him to have a little toddler friend his age to play with. So maybe next year? Nick and I have been talking. It would be easier to plan a family if we knew what things will be looking like financially in the future.

Oh well. It's like people always say "If you wait till the right time to have a family, you'll never have a family." I guess we should just do everything at the wrong time, hehehe.

Can't wait to start paying on debt. Wish us luck in that journey!!!

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