Out of the loop? (Birth story beware lol)

So if anyone ever reads this, I have left you far far out of the loop for about 10 weeks. Sorry about that. I can't believe I actually have a moment to write- it's so oddly refreshing.

Well, to update you on how things went we'll start from where I left off. We didn't end up inducing labor (we didn't have to!). When I went in for my checkup at 36 weeks I was already 4 cm dilated. I was really excited (I thought for sure that I would have my baby soon!) I hadn't had any contractions at that point, but sure enough they started the day I was checked. Now, no one tells you that contractions can go on and on and on forever and not really do anything. Well they can- and it's pretty annoying when you go to the hospital and find out that nothing has really changed.. Especially when they send you home. It feels like an epic failure for some reason.

So we went to the hospital (as I was having contractions about 5 to six minutes apart for 3 hours) and then the hospital kept us for about 2 hours before sending us home. (As the contractions slowed down and weren't doing anything).

So about a week later (and many contractions later) I was having contractions 10 minutes apart from 10pm until 10am. I decided that I couldn't deal with it anymore and went to my doctor to get checked out. Finally I had progressed to 6cm and the nurse sent us to take a walk. I took a walk and when I got back we were having contractions 2-3 minutes apart. They weren't 'bad' contractions though (I thought women were pansies at the time because they were so easy to deal with)... But we checked into the hospital and waited while things progressed.

Now I want to mention that we almost had to go into an operating room for the birth- reason being that the hospital had SO many women coming in to have their babies. It was CRAZY! Apparently it was a full moon and thunder-storming- which causes women to go into labor like crazy. There were a bunch of women there with their waters broken but they weren't having contractions. (FYI if your water breaks you cannot be sent home from the hospital). So I was lucky I guess!

We finally got a room for labor after about an hour and a half of waiting. (They had acted like I wasn't going to be getting one at all- we were shocked). The room was AWESOME and huge and it had the jacuzzi I had been waiting for. Lol.

So our nurse was super great, after they got me all hooked up and monitored for a while, I got to get in the jacuzzi and chillax. I also got to eat a popsicle and 3 different types of juice. I was being spoiled- it was fabulous.

Well, unfortunately getting in the jacuzzi caused my contractions to almost stop (back to 10 minutes apart) and I realized that they might send me home again (boo!) so I asked the nurse to call the doctor who was delivering and ask if they could break my water.

Thank goodness the doctor said yes and pretty quickly a lady came in and took care of that. The nurse informed me that I couldn't go home now (The whole reason I had it done) and we were for sure having the baby.

Now, I had wanted to avoid getting any pain medication and any epidural if I could help it... But I have to tell you that I was SHOCKED at how painful contractions became IMMEDIATELY after they broke my water. (Oh my gosh it was terrible)

I got in the jacuzzi and felt no relief from the pain. Scared and freaked out I told Nick that I thought I needed the epidural after all. Luckily I asked for it just in time. I had to make it through about 9 contractions before the epidural lady arrived and we got it taken care of. Epidurals are fantastic. I almost cried at how fantastic they are. Please, do yourself a favor and get one if you think you might need one. It's SO worth it and made the whole experience FANTASTIC and fun. Who knew that having a baby could be fun?

Well, it worked on most of my body but soon it was wearing off on my whole right side. This meant they had to redo the epidural (luckily it was already numb in that area so it wasn't too bad). Once they redid it, I was in heaven. My whole left side was dead (couldn't move my leg at all), and my right side was numb finally. I watched the contractions happen and felt nothing at all... Until I felt the urge to push- which didn't feel painful at all.

So anyway, the whole pushing part took thirty minutes. I was determined that he wouldn't have a cone shaped head so I got him out as fast as I could, lol.

The most crazy part was when the doctor had me slide my hands under his armpits and pull him the 'rest' of the way out- up onto my chest. He had swallowed a big gulp of fluid before he got out (boo) and they had trouble clearing it out.

They took him away from me almost immediately (Not a good thing for someone who just had their baby) and took him to NICU due to breathing difficulties. He was born with a strange "double breath" problem. It's not something they had seen often so they kept him for observation for FAR too long. He never had any trouble keeping his oxygen levels up and never had to be on any support of any kind, they just wanted to watch and make sure he was okay.

Anyway, from that point it's a really long story of in and out of the NICU and into Pediatrics, but the main point is that we got him home after 3 days and it's been awesome and tiring :).

His name is Judah Alexander Malachai McAllister. He was 8lbs 3oz and 20 and a half inches long. (He dropped down about a lb after but gained most of it back at 3 weeks).

Cute as a button and with spiky hair just like his daddy :)

I'll post more pics and write a little more info later (not about the birth, lol)

The end for now :D

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