Baby = glorious gift/mental breakdown waiting to happen

As parents undoubtedly already know, babies are the most taxing and rewarding thing on the planet. I was semi-prepared for this, but unfortunately I think Nick has fallen victim to fatherhood for the time being. It's really hard, as anyone can guess, and he already has a full plate on his hands... Including a needy wife who wants/needs attention as much as possible.

Well, as far as breakdowns go, I think we are doing okay! Venting helps, so we just sit there and vent to each other while I get teary eyed from exhaustion.

However, I'm having fun with these experiences. Every time I get covered in baby up-chuck or have to change a beyond stinky diaper I laugh (at least on the inside) and realize that this is the only time Judah will be so needy in his whole life. I get to take advantage of it!

Anyway, today is our anniversary (celebration) and we are going out to dinner with no baby- it should be fun! Tomorrow is the real deal, one year of marriage to my best friend and ally in crime :)

More later, perhaps :)

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