Getting close!

Judah is 30 weeks and 2 days at this point :). Although by regular calculations, we would have 10 weeks left, according to our doctor's appointment we have 8-9 weeks left until they are going to induce.
Normally I wouldn't go with this option (Although I feel like there's twelve bowling balls in my stomach) but we recently (2 days ago) found out that my brother James will be shipping out for Basic training on May 4th. Judah is due May 9th.
Yesterday Nick and I mentioned this to our nurse and she told us some very helpful information - that the doctor is ready to induce at 39 weeks- May 2nd. So, if induction works for me (although it didn't do much for my mom), Judah's due date has changed to May 2nd. (I might ask them about the first since it would be cute for him to be born on May day).
So assuming Judah is still in there by May, we will be getting some help inducing if we are dilated at all.

The pregnant belly is quite obvious now, although I'm shocked that no strangers have made any advances whatsoever. People told me this happens a lot, but so far it's only been friends and family with the crazy poking and touching. It is a hard life for a shy person with a bubble like mine.

Nicholas and I have been having a splendid time on our "babymoon". I've read about people taking vacations in advance of their babies coming to celebrate their last moments of "alone" togetherness. Nick and I don't have money to fly out and bask in the moonlight on a beach- but we've been enjoying each other nonetheless. We took a romantic walk downtown after our baby appointment- had the BEST time.

It's so easy to find the reasons I fell in love with Nicholas. He is my best friend and my kindredest of kindred spirits. Holding his hand is my favorite thing to do, being with him, talking with him, joking with him.

Anyway, I'd better get to finishing my nails, acrylics are hard to do by yourself- luckily I am fantastic at random things like this :)

Love <3 <3 <3

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