LoVe My Valentinos :)

So it's nearly valentines day and here I am with my two lovely men :).

Little baby Judah Gabriel is so active it's mindblowing. I have been feeling him since 13 weeks pregnant, which is really early- but now if he isn't doing flips I have to be concerned! He is so much fun. Now if you poke at him or sing to him he responds by kicking or spinning around.

I can't wait to kiss his sweet toes and little chubby cheeks and fingers... Aww my sweet tiny boy. His room is getting finalized, no paint yet but he has a lot of things all ready for his arrival.

To give you a rough idea, here's what we've collected so far!

-Crib with a bumper set, crib from cousin Elizabeth and bumper set from Breeann
-Changing table with changing pad, table from cousin Elizabeth and pad from Brenna
-Glider rocking chair with new covers, Chair from Grandma Linda and covers from Mom :)
-Little overstuffed corner couch chair, courtesy of craigslist's free section :) May need a cover but super comfy.
-Super soft teddy bear that Nick and I bought him when we found out we were pregnant.
-NB sized shirts and onesies :) Lots on hangars! These are courtesy of Breeann and from our random Savers shopping trips. He is so spoiled!
-3 month sized onesies, jackets, and pjs. These are from Nordstrom's samples that Nick's mom aquired for us. They are soo soft and cute!
-Blankets and burpies from various locations and people. I love burpies and I can't get enough :)
-2 boppies and one boppie cover from Breeann
-A bassinet from Brenna
-A stroller from cousin Elizabeth
-A front facing carseat for when he gets a bit bigger- courtesy of free craigslist again
-A carrier carseat with a base from craigslist for 15 bucks :) I probably will want another base but it's super lightweight and easy to get on and off. I <3 craigslist.
-A diaper genie 2 - got the manual online and I think I'm prepared :D teehee.
-Some nb and small sized diapers that Breeann and Brenna had leftover- they're so teeny it's just ridiculous!
-A few pacifiers
-Two or three pairs of little shoes :) Nick and I LOVE these.
-An F150 electric battery powered truck, one seater power wheels. Hehe. He won't be able to use this until later on, but it was 10 bucks on craigslist and super duper fun!
-High chair from Brenna
-Hook on high chair seat from cousin Elizabeth
-Baby bath from someone at Nick's work hehe.
-Baby swing from Breeann
and a couple little toys we couldn't resist.

So now that I've gone through that list! TeeHee. We really still do need things, I'll make an example list for those looking to the baby shower...

-The little things that you attach the binky to the baby with so it doesn't disappear
-Bottle warmer (not a necessity but would be nice :)
-Diaper bag
-Little socks :)
-Dress clothes for church for a little guy :)
-Baby products, bath supplies- diaper supplies- nail care ect.
-Houseproofing supplies to keep babies fingers out of sockets and from opening doors
-Boppy covers
-Portable foldable changing pad
-Extra sheets for crib and bassinet
-Changing pad cover
-Wipe warmer (I have no idea if this is something I really need but it sounds cool)
-Diaper stacker holder mabobber
-Recieving blankets
-6 month - 9 month sized warm clothing (at six months old it will be November)
-Any size little clothing you see that you think is cute for a mini Nick
-Toys of any type
-Toys or things for him to chew on while teething
-Storage boxes to store his future baby clothes and toys in.
-Bath toys and perhaps one of those cloth bath chairs.
-Anythings that might be handy for a nursing mother (I have no idea)...

Please think of things I haven't thought of too. :) I just want people to have a rough idea of what I have and what they can look for. Of course if anyone wants to buy me upgraded versions of what I already have I would have no problem with that, haha.

Well, I'll continue this blog later, got to give some attention to my husband :)

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