God, pregnancy, life in a handbasket.

So today I am 28 weeks and 3 days pregnant... Feeling the wonders of pregnancy. Judah has lodged himself in and begun kicking an area that does not enjoy/like to be stomped or kicked at. Unfortunately I'm trying to keep the grumpy under control from this added fun- and it's not working too fantastically.
Less than three months left, supposedly. Good thing I get a wonderful little boy out of this- otherwise this effort would not be worth it at all.

Did I mention that I have stretch marks? Not on my stomach yet, although I'm sure they will happen- but on other less mentionable areas that need a larger size bra. There are so many changes I wasn't thinking about when we found out we were having a baby. Pregnancy looks pretty nice and cute from the outside looking on, but when you are pregnant it is not as cute, although it does have it's cute moments... Mostly it's nausea, leaking growing and feeling extremely flabbergasted. But the baby shopping and the baby make up for it. Just be sure you want a baby first or it's going to be pretty lame for you.

On a better note, Nick has been doing awesome at work, several (and I'm serious when I say several) supervisors have been asking if he has been considered for a manager position, and now it looks like he will be there in the next 3 months! How exciting! That comes with a raise. Hopefully we'll be able to get aflac or something so we have insurance that isn't cruddy too!

I keep praying for favor for my dear Nicholas, and God has been faithful to give him favor from managers and others- it's been really amazing to see God working in our lives.

With May approaching faster and faster (or slower depending on my mood)- I've developed that feeling of loss for the future alone time Nick and I will be losing. I'm not sad about this, rather just am realizing that it's going to be a lot different soon, and those events of alone time may not come frequently or as optionally.

We've been cherishing our last months and moments together, although with the belly the cuddling and all that has become rather sad looking and interesting, teehee.

Can't wait to have our baby in our arms, definitely can't wait for our lives to change... Can't wait to see what God has for us :)

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