Lemons and Lemonade

We had a wonderful Christmas in Seattle with Nick's family- lots of legos involved as well as barbie.com :).
Our little guy is getting bigger and bigger, doing excersizes in the tummy to build up his leg strength- he is going to be strong! We had our second ultrasound and found that all his little body parts have developed perfectly. Perfect heart, lungs, kidneys, legs, everything! So here we sit imagining what he will look like, what he'll be like as a teenager, if he'll break our hearts (of course he won't, right? hehe). I know he belongs to someone much bigger than Nick or I- so I guess that's how parents get through this- he's ultimately in God's hands. That definitely helps the thought process.

In other news, we finally got to the point where our finances were stable and matching up, and WHAP back to reality- Nick's vacation time isn't paid after all. Apparently he was misinformed. It was a huge shock to find out that instead of paying our bills like we were excited to do, we would again have to call everyone and tell them nevermind.

I take this news with a bit lip- not nervous for what God can do here, but just disappointed that we aren't there yet, that place where you don't have to worry about who we haven't paid- although I guess since we can't pay anyone except rent, it's not much of a worry, heh.


I'm probably feeling a little down right now anyway, as I took it upon myself to do my semi annual re-reading of blogs from high school. Maybe to remind myself where I came from- so I don't forget what it felt like back then. How miserable and how broken I was- it's almost like if I don't keep reminding myself, I'll forget how much I went through and I discredit that girl that I was. But that's ridiculous. Ohhh well.

Beautiful day. Need to clean the house. The baby is attempting to kick the laptop off, so I'd better get up and be productive.

In small news- Chuck's new season opens today!! YAY!

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